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Zip the Fish

The comfortable and energy-efficient building automation system

Zip the Fish is an INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) Service Provider enabling the control of commercial and residential appliances and facilities. The service allows you to control anything from small electrical devices and lighting arrangements to complex computer-based networks of varying intelligence and automation. With the intuitive user interface you have everything at your fingertips and you can benefit from the more efficient use of energy, increased security and added convenience.


Comfort as a Service

Relax and enjoy the convenient control of air conditioning, heating, lighting, electrical appliances, or garden irrigation. It does not matter if you are on the desk, the sofa, on the move or on Vacation, Zip the Fish works with any smartphone or computer where ever you are.


Take Control

With Zip the Fish you have full control over your budget, from student rooms, the summer house in the countryside to your whole store. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, energy consumption or unfortunate events such as burst water pipes, smoke, fire, unauthorised entry or trespass.

Electricity Metering

Save Money

Zip the Fish can monitor your electricity consumption accurately and calculate the costs immediately. This allows you to efficiently manage your power consumption for each device such as an iron or washing machine. You could reduce your energy bills by up to 40%.

Convenient control of your household or business from anywhere, anytime

Remote access via mobile device

Remote access from any web enabled device

Using our clever web application, you can monitor and control your entire facility system using any web-enabled device. Phones, tablets, PCs, etc, all these devices work just like a remote control. No matter where you are, you have complete control of your automation system.

You don't need the latest Smartphone to benefit from remote access. As long as your device has a web browser, you can sign in from anywhere using our mobile phone-optimised website. It's designed to give you quick access to all of the features you want.

Perfect temperature

Warm it up or cool it down

You can also reduce your energy usage without sacrificing personal comfort. ZIP-THE-FISH makes your thermostats smarter, and uses triggers like lower tariff selection, current weather conditions, is the house occupied or not,  and the status of the security system, all of these to make your property run more economically and efficiently.

Get any time / anywhere access to your thermostats through any web enabled device, and real-time alerts when a thermostat setting is changed or the temperature goes out of your predefined range. You can easily control all of your thermostat settings using any web enabled device.

Control from anywhere

Facility control and monitoring from anywhere

Now you can stay informed and in control of your alarm system remotely, with ease. We use the internet, email, and mobile phone communications to keep you connected to your home, without the need for a traditional home phone line.

You probably already use a computer, cell phone, or other mobile device to check the weather, manage your bank account, and keep up with the latest news. So why stop there? Now, we have made it just as easy for you to stay connected to the things that matter most to you, family home, loved ones and any other residential or commercial premises.


Complete control over the security of your property


So much more than just an alarm system

The easy-to-use interface allows you to enable or disable your system, receive real-time alerts & notifications via email, text messaging (SMS), and much more, giving you full-time control over your property. It's so much more than a security system – it's a valuable tool you'll use every day. The functionality is extendible as required and can include complete control of the everyday tasks carried out within your home or office.

Real time messages

Real-time email & text message alerts

The convenience of controlling your system remotely is just the beginning. With Zip The Fish you can also monitor the activity that is most important to you.

  • Receive alerts for alarms, power outages/restarts, and other important system events.
  • Create customised sensor notifications based on the specific non-alarm activity you want to monitor.
  • Receive reminder alerts if specific actions during or after specific events haven't been carried out.
  • Receive alerts if you reached your individually set energy level mark every month to save energy and money.
System Safety

System safety

The technology we use is extremely reliable. It works wirelessly through BID COS: RF-Protocol to maintain a continuous, dedicated, encrypted link. Zip The Fish will continue to function even if your phone or internet service is down. And since it is backed up by a battery supply, it will still notify you by email or SMS and continue to function reliably for a few hours in the event of a power outage.


Save money through energy efficient automation

Save money

Save money by applying more comfort

What sets our system apart from anything else currently available is the intelligence within the system itself. Zip The Fish can show you how much energy you are using for an individual appliance, not only now but yesterday, last week or for the whole month. This is great as it makes you aware of the amount an appliance consumes.

Additionally the automated proactive monitoring of your premises allows your pre-set requirements to be fulfilled whilst using much lower priced energy supply tariffs to fulfil them. This saves you money every day from day one.

Access Control

Peace of Mind with individual home access

With the Zip The Fish access control you no longer have to worry about leaving the spare key in an unsafe place (or with a neighbour) your home security is instantly improved and intact. Zip The Fish records every unlocking of the door and you are able to lock and unlock doors remotely from anywhere, at any time. This allows much improved security, flexibility and added convenience, especially if you have young children or older family members to worry about.