The Solution: Zip The Fish HOTEL

Wait a second... The Solution? For which problem?


The Market Situation

The market of the hotel industry becomes increasingly challenging. Guests seek the best price, but also best quality in every aspect of their accommodation. Every Euro is valuable and ever difference to the competition pays twice. Official fees and taxes as well as operating expenses aggregate. Especially heating costs are the arch-enemy of the CFO. This is important when trying to outmatch the competition.

The Solution

Zip The Fish Hotel handles exactly these problems. To get fast results just the radiator valves have to be replaced and two base stations to be placed. The rest is completely adjusted ant implemented by us and done that you have as little effort as possible and that you are able to enjoy the full benefits as soon as possible.



  • Save up to 30% of heating costs
  • Efficient heating of the rooms (no guests in the room -> lowered heating)
  • Heater switches back automatically when the desired temperature is reached
  • Consideration of current weather and open doors and windows
  • Increased feeling of comfort and more intensive customerbinding with a temperature exactly as wished
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  • Automatic information when problems with the heating circle appear
  • Connection with the booking system
  • Preset the room temperature window
  • Decreased energy consumption -> Use positive effects of a lower CO2 emission
  • Easy installation -> no structural measurements necessary; can also be installed by the floor staff


You are interessted?

Send us an email with the number of rooms or the number of radiators you want to have automated.

We will send you a noncommittal offer or inform you in a free conversation about the system and answer your questions.