Urban Speed

A truly modern fashion store

The owners of a fashion store, located in the heart of Vienna, partnered with Zip The Fish to enhance their monitoring capabilities and improve the efficiency of their heating, water systems and lighting. The most significant challenge for any automation system to be introduced there was the thickness of the walls in the building. Nevertheless, using Zip The Fish’s long-range wireless solutions, the following functions are now being controlled and monitored remotely:

  • lighting
  • heating
  • presence detection
  • flood detection
  • electricity consumption

Automated home-brewery

Ever since Zip The Fish was installed in the beer barrels of the most well-renowned brewery in Vienna, the Biermeister can take care of his production remotely from his cellphone. How convenient is it to know that one sit down and relax while 4500L of beer are being produced daily without one's presence? 

Bronze Brewing Vessels