Lighting with Zip the Fish

Who is there?

With Zip The Fish you know where in your house someone is moving around. Follow the movement of invited and uninvited guests in your appartment/house. Or know when your kids try to sneak out/in/or trough the house.

Get an alarm when cabinets, wardrobes or closets are opened, wich should not be. Let Zip The Fish activate the acustic alarm or a special program for the lights in a case of suspicious movements and actions within your property to warn you, the residents and the neighbours.

It is also possible to let Zip The Fish send an alarm message to you, a security company and/or the police in certain cases. Therefore there is also the possibility to add a virtual and real Panic Button to your System.

Presence Detection Key Features

  • Create custom schedules precisely for each minute of the year
  • Automatic, event-triggered rules for further actions:
    • when the security system is armed or disarmed
    • when specific doors/windows/furnishings are opened and closed
    • when there's motion activity in a specific room or area
    • etc.
  • Real live presence detection and information

  • Alarm messages in specified cases
  • Panic Button
  • Acustic alarm
  • Specific lighting rules for alarms