Zip The Fish

for improved Energy Efficiency and increased comfort

ZIP THE FISH is a scaleable information technology platform designed specifically to control, monitor and reduce the consumtion of appliances, and facilities both at home and in the workplace.

The platform can control systems that range from the simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation.

ZIP THE FISH Office and Home Automation platform was developed to improve energy efficiency, increase security and give added  convenience.

General Information

Access Control 2

Smart Building Management

Get the full picture and current status of each building by using sensors to receive detailed reports on:

  • Inside and outside temperature and humidity
  • If the premises is occupied or empty
  • Events such as flooding, smoke, fire, gas leaks and more

Take actions based on the information reported (Remotely switch on/off the installation; Automatically alert the emergency services or security provider; etc.)


Control the consumption of resources used whilst significantly reducing your monthly utility bills. A detailed, and easy to understand usage breakdown is also available which can be used for many purposes.

ZIP THE FISH can measure, compare and calculate in both real time and using predefined periods. This information can be grouped by house, by customer or by location, etc. A monetary valuation of actual consumption levels are reported to the customer in an easy format instead of the usual confusing suppliers jargon.

Control of the following Systems

  • Access Control
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Irrigation systems
  • Lighting
  • Security System
  • Ventilation
  • Water
  • All electric powered devices
  • etc.

Easy to use

Zip The Fish has an intuitive interface, so there is no need for support, but in the unlikely event you do need a little help, we are waiting for your call.

It is easily accessible via the web browser of any web enabled device like a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Location of the system management can be either centralised or decentralised according your needs.


Control and Save Money

  • Full scale reporting of all the events monitored on the premises
  • Big Data repository ready to integrate to Business Intelligence instruments
  • Save money by adjusting heavy electricity consumption to off peak hours
  • Clever automatic cost optimisation using real time and forecast environmental conditions
  • Provides a real time constant awareness of the actual cost
  • Turn off and replace energy inefficient devices and appliances when not needed or as recommended
Home 8
  • Effective control and budget planning of everyday resources
  • Schedule the required temperatures and lighting only for the times when the premises is occupied and users will need them
  • Reduces the amount paid for energy resources up to 40% (depending on the individual system)
  • Quick return of investment (within 1 year) was achieved with the majority of our customers
  • The clean installation allows quick upgrades, saving downtime and losses due to the inability to use the property (wireless technology, independent power supply)
  • Increased satisfaction of the property users by providing Value Added Services

More Features of Zip The Fish

Zip The Fish is scalable from a residential property to complete buildings or independent administrative offices. Furtheremore there is no need for complex wiring installations or post installation refurbishment so it isn't disruptive. It is easy to install, maintain and relocate from one location to another