Blue Light

Get out as fast as possible!

The sensors are connected over a secure wireless network with the Base station and between themselves. In the event of a fire the smoke detector transmits a signal to all smoke detectors simultaneously and triggers an audible alarm. The sensors emit a bright light so people are able to navigate to the exit, even in a dark smoke filled room. Also a message will be send to you and/or people in charge and to the security company or the fire brigade.

Mayday.. Mayday!! we are sinking

In the case of a flood you will be notified, the water pipe will shut down and in addition your plumber (if required) could be notified also. Now you never have to worry about a bath which is left to fill unattended or a broken/frozen pipe or similair situation again when you aren't at home.

Fire & flood protection key features

  • In the event of flooding (water level above 1 mm), the motorised ball valve closes the water supply in less than 30 seconds. The system sends a SMS and/or e-mail to the owner of the apartment or to the ZIP-THE-FISH support centre.
  • The water supply remains closed even if the electricity is interrupted for short or long periods.
  • The system detects an increase in humidity and alerts the owner of potential flooding via SMS and/or e-mail.
  • In the event of a fire all sensors omit an audio alert and illuminate the area to aid with exiting safely. The system opens the water valves, unlocks the emergency exit doors, sends SMS and/or e-mail to the owner of the apartment or to the ZIP-THE-FISH support centre.
  • The system constantly monitors the charge status of each battery and alerts you via SMS and/or e-mail when the level is low and replacements are needed.
Flood protection
  • The system also tells you the exact location/area of the event in case of alarms.