Electrical heating and cooling using an air conditioning system

With Zip The Fish you can control your air conditioners and use them as you would an automatic gas heating system. You are able to manage the temperature easily and comfortably, so there is always exactly the required temperature in the rooms you want. Control the temperature and consumption of your air conditioner to use the off-peak electricity to save money. Always know if the air conditioner is working or not even if you are not there.

Your air conditioners just got a lot smarter!

AC heating & cooling key features

  • Heating using low cost energy during off-peak hours
  • Switch off the heating during out of the office hours
  • No surprises at the end of the month – constant update of the actual cost of the consumed energy.
  • You can set the exact time when you want a certain temperature to be reached – the system will automatically calculate when the air conditioners need to be switched on
  • Switch off the heating in the event of smoke or fire detection
  • In the unlikely event of an equipment fault an alert is sent via SMS and/or email