Connected Events

Unlike other home automation systems Zip The Fish offers more than individual separated functionality.

All the different devices and their functionalities are connected.

Therefore different situations can be solved with all of the devices working automatically together or with defined program sequences.

Daily Routine

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

You get out of bed, the lights go on (depending on the time of the year) and the rooms you are using are, if well planned, already at the right temperature. Your music starts, in the bathroom the water is already hot. In the kitchen the coffee-machine has switched itself on and is making coffee. When it is finished it switches itself off again.

Cat at the window

See you later

As the last household member leaves the house the door is finally locked. Subsequently the alarm system and the eco-mode are activated. This means: the lights go out (if you want them to), the room temperature is reduced, you receive a reminder if any windows or doors are still open and all your different devices are automatically switched off.

Woman with tea

Welcome home

The rooms are warm or cool (depending on the time of year), in the evening the lights come on, dim themselves and your media system (TV, radio, stereo gaming console, etc.) turns on to create the best atmosphere for you.

Sleeping man

Good Night!

When you are going to sleep the entrance doors lock themselves, the alarm system outside of your house switches on, the temperature decrease to an optimal sleeping temperature and the main light in your room and the lights and devices in the other rooms will be turned off.

When kids are in the house

Child back from school

Back from school

The kids are comming home from school and you will get an automatic message which informs you when exactly they arrived at home.

Look if your kid warms up the prepared food. If he/she tries to get the chips, sweets or other things he/she should not, you get an information.

Switch off when your kid finished with the meal, so nothing can happen there and let Zip The Fish prepare everything for the studytime.


Child doing school work

Time to Study

The study room will be well illuminated, the temperature will be at an optimum for study and working (a bit cooler than normal) and the windows will be open or tilted for a good oxygen delivery (in addition we would recommend ear plugs). Furthermore all gaming consoles, computers and other devices will be turned off, so there is as little distraction as possible. And the kid won’t have a chance to change those settings made by you 😉

In the meantime

Garden grass

In the garden

During the cooler parts of the day the irrigation-system turns itself on, depending on the current weather and on the mowing cycles of your lawn mower robot, to ensure a trouble-free care of your garden. Depending on previous and current weather Zip The Fish gives your plants the exact amount of water they still need, if any. When someone enters the garden the irrigation will stop automatically if required.

Small tree open window

Fresh air

When Zip The Fish recognises poor air quality such as high or low humidity or even an elevated CO2 level, it opens the windows in the specific room or the whole house to allow fresh air into the affected rooms or it could just send you a notification (if you like to open and close the windows yourself) or it can do both things.  So Zip The Fish keeps an optimal air condition in your rooms and buildings which also hinders the development of Mildew and unwanted odours.




Because a burglary can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time!

To deter burglars in the first place Zip The Fish simulates your presence by turning on and off your light, your media system or other device(s). This makes your home much less attractive compared to the neighbours.

But, if someone notices that is the case and is at/in your property/place in your absence and your alarm system is activated, you will be informed. Additionally all lights are switched on, if desired electric devices containing private & confidential information are turned off, the audible and visual alarm signals are also activated and an additional notification is sent to the police and/or security company.

Fire alarm

Fire alarm systems

In the event of a fire the smoke detector sends a signal to all smoke detectors simultaneously and triggers an audible alarm. The sensors emit a bright light so people are able to navigate to the exit, even in a dark smoke filled room. Electric devices and the heating system shut down. The system can open the water valves, turn on the lights throughout the whole building or only in specific rooms, the emergency exit doors are automatically unlocked and an alert message can be sent to you, the security, fire brigade or any other people in charge. The exact location of the incident within the property is clearly defined from the very beginning which will allow the staff/emergency services to pay immediate attention to affected area.

Flood on the street


In the unfortunate event of a flood you will receive a notification, the main water pipe, or the water pipe for the specific area is turn off automatically and the specially installed water pump is activated automatically to reduce any water damage. In addition a message can be sent to your plumber and an audible alarm is triggered.

When you are not at home (for example; on vacation) you will still be able to open the front door for your plumber so he can take care of the problem without any delay. Through your motion sensors you can additionally check what areas of the house he has accessed.