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Zip The Fish is a building automation system/IoT service provider which was developed by specialists for accounting software with the goal to save as much energy, money and further resources as possible. Of course we reached our goal and are now able to offer you a highly reliable, resource saving system which is able to ease your work. Our platform is siutable for the control of all kinds of commercial and residential appliances and facilities.

How exactly Zip The Fish is able to help your business is written below.


Free 45 Day Trial

If you are running a business we offer you a small ip The Fish-Tryout-package which you can try for 45 days.

Controlling/Accounting Advantages

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In Accounting there are often costs, which can't be ascribed to specific actions or products. For example: energie costs. Those are often divided up by specific schemes. Unfortunately those schemes are often inaccurate and falsifying.

Fortunately you are able now to exactly what work/product/service consumes how much energy (during production). Therefore you are able to have an accurate accounting, make precise forecasts, identify real reachable goals and remove too consuming/unprofitable products or services from your list.

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If you just think about electricity metering now: We are planning to add sensors and/or functionalities in the future to measure how much heating a floor/parts of a building is consuming and how much gas or fluid (oil, water, etc.) is running through a pipe. Therefore your calculations can get more exactly than ever.

Aided Work

Zip The Fish HOTEL

In Tourism

Know always when guests should close their windows because of strong wind/bad weather bevor they do. Heat up their rooms bevor they can feel the cold. Zip The Fish can help you with that. By sending you messages when such incidents appear.

Or let your guests know when their time in the private Spa or with other wellness activities is over by a blinking light, stopping music or other actions which are chosen by you.

Access Control 2

In Real Estate Sales

After you have installed Zip The Fish, which is also a easy transportable system, you can heat up the rooms bevor your customers arrive at the appartment, control the lights to set a perfect scene and know if there is a bad air condition. You won't have to worry about the keys if one of your collegues wants to make a tour through the house because you or he/she is able to open it remotely. (Or you could even let the customers visit the property and show it completely to them without being physically there.)

Work safety


With Zip The Fish you are able to add a fire alarm to your business which fulfills all legal standarts and more. As you can see here, you are able to locate the fire during the specific event exactly and more.

Furthermore Zip The Fish turns off any heating, heating device and also cuts the power for all working machines in the unfortunate event one of the machines caused the fire, to provide a safer workplace for your workers.

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Air Quality

By measure the air quality and its different components, Zip The Fish warns you and your workers if it is safe or dangerous to enter fermentation cellars, silos or certain other parts of your facility because of CO or CO2, or when you should air the rooms.

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Additionally to the known functionalities, our smart meters have a built in overvoltage protection which saves your devices, machines and workers at given events.

With the different sensors you can also improve the security of your shop, special furniture, rooms and other belongings.


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Perfect Temperature

Not everybody has the same opinion when it comes to what the perfect temperature for working in the office is. Therefore every one is able to set the perfect temperature for their room(s). This leads to more comfort and an better emotional working climate as there will propably be less complainings of to low or high heat.

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Increased Health

The climate control lets your workes do their job in an non overheatet environment which can prevent blackouts and heating strokes better and also can lead to a better performance.

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Planned Heat Reduction

All rooms can set to a night/weekend reduction easily at once to the same temperature which helps your business to save money. This can be handled manually, by login and changing the heating mode to Eco, or automaticly, by setting the specific task for each day or every week.

Problem Solving and New Possibilities

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Problem Solving

Zip The Fish with all its devices, sensors and functionalities is great to solve your continous problems. Above you are able to read about two possibillities how Zip The Fish could be an aid in your business.

For more case studies and information take a look at our blog. There you can find different cases of Facility Automation use and how different Problems and issues can be solved easily.


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New Possibilities

There are still countless other ways how you could use Zip The Fish with all its sensors, switches and other devices which are not mentioned at this homepage or in other sources, but easily can be installed and used. Therefore: Even if you think that there wasn't anything how you can use Zip The Fish, just keep it in mind and think about it sometimes. Propably there is a way how we can help you or solve your Problems. 🙂