Perfect temperature

Perfect Temperature in the right Place at the right Time

Set the perfect temperature for your flat/house in every room individually all the time, whatever the time of year. Pre-set specific temperatures for specific rooms and times (for activities such as, learning, sports, working, napping, etc.).

Activate the ECO-Mode quickly and with ease when you depart. The temperature will decrease to save energy but still allows for your prefered temperature to be easily achieved without using unnecessary energy, gas and/or else upon your return.

Unexpected Visit?

Never welcome your guests in a cold home again! Control the temperature in your flat/house remotely with a device of your choice (Web enabled) from anywhere, if someone wants to come over just use zip the fish and heat up the rooms that you will need before you head home!

Control heat from outside

Non electrical heating – key features

  • Providing heating exactly when it is needed with the opportunity to control from any location at any time
  • Frost protection function when you are away from the home for extended periods
  • You set the exact time when you want to achieve a certain temperature and the system achieves the pre-set temperature at exactly the right time
  • Automatically switch off the heating in the event of fire
  • Alert you of any faults by SMS or/and e-mail.