Raindrops on grass

When the garden hose begins to think

Zip The Fish irrigation function allows the time and duration to be set for each irrigation line. Additionally the system uses meteorological data for optimal irrigation. Set-up and reporting is made and controlled easy via tablet, phone or computer.

This can also be combined with the fire alarm system, as an additional sprinkler system in case of fire to reduce damage such as scorched landscape or spread of fire to out buildings.

Automated irrigation key features

  • Intelligent self-adjusting irrigation system for a perfect garden
  • Reduce the amount of water you use
  • Use of weather station or Internet based forecasts (temperature, rain, wind, and sunshine) to enable automatic decrease, increase or postponement of the irrigation cycle.
  • Predictable expenditure calculation, no surprises when the invoice arrives.
  • Variable option for water line grouping and sequence to use the system with low water consumption
  • You can seed new grass even in the hottest summer with the ZIP-THE-FISH irrigation.

Seeding new grass

With intelligent self-adjusting irrigation new grass can be seeded even in hot summers.