Intelligent electricity metering

Be aware of your exact electricity consumption

With the Smart Metering of Zip The Fish you are always able to see exactly how much electricity you consume. Its like knowing how much your electricity bill will be before you get it but, with details about which devices were used at what time, for how long and at what cost to you (€).

landscape electricity

electric meter

More than just an ordinary electricity meter

One of the simplest functions of Zip The Fish and yet the one with the broadest range of usage possibilities. With it you are able to simultaneously monitor and switch on/off any electrically operated device, machine or circuit remotely or instead use your own pre-set time schedule.

So you can save a lot of energy and therefore money by coordinating the usage of devices with the off-peak tariff times. Additionally when you leave the house or go to bed your devices switch off automatically.

Key features of intelligent electricity metering

  • Exact reporting of the expenses (+/- 1%) and 100 % control of the electricity bill
  • Real time billing, no surprises from excessively high value invoices
  • Accumulating the electricity consumption by hour, day, week, month or any customer’s defined period for the previous 12 months
  • Detailed display and summary of the consumption during peak and off peak  hours
  • Reporting of the cost of the consumed energy in kWh
  • Metering each separate electric circuit and single device or group of devices all together
  • SMS and/or e-mail notification when  predefined limits are reached
  • Perfect solution for rented premises or shared use of space
  • Selection of the best electricity energy supplying company based on the real electricity consumption analysis